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If Every Single Woman Who Has Used This Program Has Achieved The BEST Results Of Her Life & The Easiest Transformation Possible…

My Question To You Is This… Why Not You??

If You Follow The Dream Body Academy… You Will Experience:

Unbelievable Confidence

Marina Wore A Bikini For The FIRST TIME In Her Life…


Tess Completed Her AMAZING Transformation Eating ALL Of Her Favorite Foods

Improve Your Health

Jeanne Improved ALL Of Her Health Markers DRASTICALLY

Love Yourself Again

Nikita Fell Back In LOVE With Her Body And Got The Spark Back In Her Relationship

Single? Find The Love Of Your Life…

Catherine Found The Love Of Her Life Shortly After Becoming Her BEST Self

Improve Your Energy And Feel AMAZING

Faith No Longer Feels Tired Or Sluggish and now says “I feel like I have limitless energy from the moment I wake up”

Become Your BEST Self Ever In Record Time

Why Should You Trust Me Though?

I Know You Have Heard It ALL Before And That Promises Were Broken

Let Me Introduce Myself And Prove To You That EVERYTHING About Me Is Different And That Everything Will Be Different For YOU This Time Around

For the last 13 years of my life… I have done ONE THING and ONE THING ONLY…

Transform The Bodies And Lives Of THOUSANDS Of Women and Men

But Truth Is… I Never Started Off This Way.

I Was Overweight Almost My Entire Life

I Lived As An Imposter For Almost My Entire Life ( My Fake Self. A Man I Did Not Even Recognize)

I Spent YEARS Gaining Weight Even After Spending My Life On Diets Like:


Approaches That Were Meant

To HELP ME Lose Weight…

But Instead…

I Gained MORE Weight Every Time I Tried These Diets

I Ended Up 50 Pounds Overweight All While TRYING To Lose Weight…

I Hit My LOWEST Point After Suffering SEVERE Heart Palpitations And Ending Up In Hospital…

Then One Man Entered My Life During The Time I Was My Worst…

This Is Professor Marc

World Obesity Specialist and My Coach and Mentor.

He Picked Me Up When I Was Down And Shared ALL Of His Knowledge With Me

After Discovering These Incredible Transformation Hacks… My Life Was Never The Same…

In 3.5 Months…

I Completely Transformed!

Today I Am My BEST Self Ever

And I Want To Help You Do The Same…

The KaiserFit App does everything COMPLETELY different from everything you have tried in the past…

Our approach REVERSES Metabolic Damage and get your body trained to eat MORE FOOD!

And the BEST way to reverse Metabolic Damage

is through a process called ‘Adipose Discharge’ which works in 3 phases:

Phase 1 – Testing Phase

I truly believe you need to FEED your body the food it NEEDS

This Is EXACTLY What We Do In Phase 1..

Every program starts by taking away your favorite food and restricting your calories. The Dream Body Academy the opposite.

I will show you how much you SHOULD be eating and how much food your body needs to function in a prime metabolic state

Phase 2 – Metabolism Boosting & Metabolism Reset

Now It Is Time To SuperCharge Your Metabolism

After finding out the TRUE amount of food your body can handle, we now increase that food even more through the metabolism boosting phase to TRAIN Your body to eat more food.

This is where women can double or even triple their food intake while losing weight!

Phase 3 – Maximum Fat Loss

Now Your Will Master How To Eat Food You LOVE Every Single Day While Burning Fat Consistently

Every Day You Can Eat Eat Foods Like…

Most Diets & Programs take away your favorite foods, cause Metabolic Damage and give you false hope through EXTREME restriction.

On these programs you may see some progress in the beginning but everything comes to almost an immediate HALY!

There will be NONE of that here!

Now that your metabolism is PRIMED and ready to go…

We go into the final phase! Phase 3 – Maximum Fat Loss!

Now it is time for results! And with the foundations from Phase 1 and 2 in place, results will be fast and furious!

Clients have called this phase ‘mind boggling’ because they could not believe how much they were losing while eating more food than they had ever eaten before…

Phase 3 is where you will see yourself in the mirror LITERALLY TRANSFORMING into your best self ever!

Here Is What You Get:

Fat Loss Super System

The KEY To Your Dream Body And Your Best Self Ever

Advanced Video Program PACKED With Secrets Showing you EXACTLY how to melt fat STEP BY STEP. Fat Loss Will Never Be The Same Again. You Will Be Melting Pounds Of Fat Off Your Body In Your Sleep.

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Goddess Body Blueprint

Literally SCULPT & Build Your Dream Body To Perfection!

Home workouts and Gym workouts that are designed for womens bodies specifically and produce AMAZING results in minimal time. No matter what your fitness level is, there is a routine for you.

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Home Workouts For Rapid Fat Loss

Don’t want to go to the gym? Well you DON’T have to! We have home workouts that can will make fat loss a breeze and tone your body to perfection at the same time.

Women of all fitness levels can do these workouts

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Unlimited Help, Guidance & Support 24/7

Get the Ultimate Support System With Help, Mentoring and Support from World Class Coaches & Community Managers 24/7

Got A Question? Feeling Stuck? Fallen Off The Wagon? Not Sure What To Do? Post In Our Private Community Anytime And We Will Help You

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Private Facebook Group

You NEED Help. You NEED Support. You NEED Motivation. You NEED ACommunity. You NEED Accountability. This is why you will Join The Women Who Are on This Journey with you In Our Private Facebook Group.

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Dream Body Planner

Get This Magical Spreadsheet that can GUARANTEE you lose fat and make sure your fat loss never stalls EVER again! You will know EXACTLY What To Do week after week to keep results coming with the Dream Body T-racker

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Advanced Workout Tracker

Track all your workouts and progress so you know exactly what you need to do in order to keep progress coming every single week.

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You Get When You Order Today!

Total Value: $4151

Frequently Asked Questions…

Save $142 for a limited time before we take the price up to the old price of $199 Annually.

FOR A LIMITED TIME, you get the KaiserFit App and The Dream Body Academy for:

$37 for LIFETIME Access to the App and all of your Premium Programs.

Please consult your doctor or specialist about any medical conditions.

From the women in that I have worked with and the incredible KaiserFit Queens in the private VIP Group, woman have managed to lose weight EASILY despite MULTIPLE medical conditions such as:

thyroid diseases, diabetes, mobility issues, back injuries, knee injuries, terrible metabolisms, horrible genetics, the list goes on and on.
From my experience, this program has worked for 100% of the women and men who have used it WITHOUT FAIL.
Because the program is SO flexible, it can be adjusted to help you lose weight no matter what circumstances could be holding you back (but once again, please consult your specialist or doctor for more personal advice regarding your specific medical condition)

The eating plan is Incredibly flexible and you can always adjust the meals to suit your needs without any problems! The meals are meant to be enjoyable, delicious and filled with food that you love and food that you are allowed to eat. As always, Please consult your doctor about any medical conditions.

Absolutely. Thousands of our clients are Vegan or Vegetarian. You can easily make adjustments to your meal plan. We also have Vegan friendly cook books to help on this journey!

Easy! This is what the first 7days are for! Cancel anytime by sending an email to service@kaiserfit.net OR cancel within the app itself before you are charged.

Absolutely NOT. Most of the fat loss is done OUTSIDE the gym. If you do want to go to the gym, we have some smart workout routines you can follow that can speed up your results though

This is NOT just a meal plan. This is NOT just a diet. This is NOT just a gym routine. It goes way beyond all of that. This is a COMPLETE SYSTEM that gives you everything that you need to be successful INCLUDING the most easy to follow eating plan, exercise plan, recipes and support from an INCREDIBLE private community full of world class coaches and community managers!

Absolutely NOT. We have helped thousands of women and men achieve their Dream Body and BECOME Their BEST SELF EVER! Look at our private community here with over 6000 members losing fat every single day!

You have my 90 Day Promise & Guarantee. 

If You Go Through The Program (Dream Body Academy) and use it, if you are not losing weight, melting inches off your body or eating more food than ever before, please email me for a PROMPT REFUND no questions asked at:


I am trying to accomplish my mission of changing the bodies and lives of 1 million woman around the world by giving them REAL information they need.

This is NOT just a meal plan. This is NOT just a diet. This is NOT just a gym routine. It goes way beyond all of that. This is a COMPLETE SYSTEM that gives you everything that you need to be successful INCLUDING two World Class Coaches in myself and Coach Rita. You will have everything you need on this journey!

There is no catch at all. You still have to do the work and execute the plan! And the reason this sounds too good to be true is that I am the first coach in the world who has created a program so affordable and made having access to a coaches like me and community managers so affordable that any woman can afford to join the Dream Body Academy and get the help you need. Your health, happiness and appearance are very important to me and Our Coaches.

We are available almost 24/7 and 7 Days A Week. Please post ALL of your questions in our private group (which you will get a link to join shortly after signing up) and all of our coaches and community managers will be there to help you.

We have members who have lost A LOT of weight in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. You are NOT too old for this program! In fact, a lot of our older clients have said they are AMAZED at how much The Dream Body Academy improved their metabolism and how GOOD they now feel. 

Age is just a number! You can do this.

We usually charge $199 PER YEAR. So offering our App and The Dream Body Academy for $57 for LIFETIME ACCESS for a One Time Payment can expire at anytime for 2 reasons:

1. Our VIP Group fills out FAST! – We can only help a limited amount of women in our community due to having a small, incredible and effective team. We will STOP offering help and stop offering this huge discount when our group grows larger as we can only help so many women.

2. When The Economy Recovers from this Pandemic – We are offering $142 OFF to help ladies who may be impacted by all the madness going on in the world. As soon as the economy recovers, this offer will go down. We are showing signs of recovery now so I would highly suggest taking action.
If you are truly serious about transforming your body, yourself and your life, then take advantage of this amazing offer now!

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