Need An Effortless Transformation System?

“She Laughed When I Told Her To Eat The Food She Loves…

but Then…”

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Are You Ready to Change Your Life Forever, Like These Women?

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Discover The Three Transformation Hacks That Transforms Women Easily and Effortlessly

From: Coach Shane

Sydney, Australia

The EASIEST Yet Most EFFECTIVE Program Out There…

When all drive had been lost, many women describe this program as their final hope, when all else had failed.

To their surprise it was the only program which worked and has allowed them to live a sustainable, happy life without any restrictions!

What Makes This Program Special?

  •  NO Food Restrictions
  •  NO Intensive Workouts
  •  NO ‘One Fits All’ Meal Plan
  •  NO Starvation

I’m Coach Shane,

I too struggled with weight loss most of my life…

and after I learned these life changing secrets which changed my life forever,

I decided to make it my goal to help women all around the world finally achieve their dream body, just like I did. 

For the last thirteen years of my life…


Transformed The Bodies And Lives Of THOUSANDS Of Women and Men

But Truth Is…

I Never Started Off This Way.

I Was Overweight Almost My Entire Life

I Lived As An Imposter For Almost My Entire Life ( My Fake Self. A Man I Did Not Even Recognize)

I Spent YEARS Gaining Weight Even After Spending My Life On Diets Like: 

And COUNTLESS Other Diets Approaches That Were Meant To HELP ME Lose Weight

But Instead…

I Gained MORE Weight Every Time I Tried These Diets

I Ended Up 50 Pounds Overweight All While TRYING To Lose Weight…

I Hit My LOWEST Point After Suffering SEVERE Heart Palpitations And Ending Up In Hospital…

Then One Man Entered My Life During The Time I Was At My Lowest…

This Is Professor Marc

World Obesity Specialist and My Coach and Mentor.

He Picked Me Up When I Was Down And Shared ALL Of His Knowledge With Me

After my first 12 days… I saw more progress and better results in that last 10 years trying everything!

After Discovering These Incredible Transformation HacksMy Life Was Never The Same…

In 3.5 Months…


Today I Am My BEST Self Ever. My TRUE Self. The REAL Me.

I Have Helped THOUSANDS Of Women Do The Same

These Women Were Living As Their FAKE Self For Many Years…

Today They Live Life As Their BEST SELF EVER

And I Want To Help You Do The Same…

Break Out Of The Shell You Are Trapped In


Difference: 97 lb
Timeframe: 4.5 Months


Difference: 111 lb
Timeframe: 5.5 Months


Difference: 115 lb
Timeframe: 8 Months


Difference: 88 lb
Timeframe: 3 Months


Difference: 44 lb
Timeframe: 3 Months


Difference: 82 lb
Timeframe: 4 Months


Difference: 118 lb
Timeframe: 6 Months


Difference: 26 lb
Timeframe: 5 Months

There Is A MASSIVE Problem and Condition Women Suffer From And Most Hardly Know About It…

It’s Called SDM Damage.

SDM Damage stands for SELF DEFENSE MECHANISM Damage

This Means That Your Body Thinks You Are Living In FAMINE (Basically Starving)

This Usually Happens When You Go On Those Restrictive Diets Like: You may see results at the start… But they quickly STOP!

Now Your Metabolism Is Slowed ALL the way down

At this point you STOP seeing results and return to normal eating (maybe even enjoying junk food from time to time)

Only Now… SDM Damage Makes Piling ON Weight SUPER EASY!

Now Your Body:

○ Gains Weight Very Quickly
○ Loses Its ability to drop weight
○ Wants to get BIGGER

Your body literally thinks it’s starving and starts fighting back!

We Need to take it out of this state and the ONLY way I know how to do that is with the following 3 Step Transformation Hacks.

After using these Hacks…It will trigger a response in your body known as ‘Adipose Discharge’

Adipose Discharge REPAIRS the Metabolism by:

○ TRAINING Your Metabolism To Eat More Food
○ Use Fat as Energy
○ Supercharge your Metabolism

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