Queen Formula

$97.00 $59.00

A Formula sourced from 9 of the MOST EFFECTIVE , RAPID FAT-BURNING and ENERGY BOOSTING INGREDIENTS in the world, COMBINED inside one Amazing capsule! With the promise to accelerate result by losing weight 5X faster!




Queen Night Burner

$97.00 $59.00

Queen Night Burner is a nighttime thermogenic designed to promote deep sleep and turn your body to a 24/7  fat melting machine. Waking up with a high level of energy to tackle the whole day head on!

Queen Pure Collagen

$97.00 $59.00

All-in-one Premium Quality Collagen Supplement with a potent blend of Numerous Collagen Peptides like Pure Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Peptides, Chicken Collagen Peptides, Eggshell Membrane Collagen Peptides, and Avian Sternum Collagen Peptides. Supplementing your body with all types of collagen it needs from I, II, III, V, and X Collagen.

Synthesized in a very convenient capsule form to promote Vitality and Anti-aging.

Queen Focus

$97.00 $49.00

Queen Focus is a super nutrient for the brain. That promises Laser-like focus. Super productivity. Less brain fog. Enhanced memory. Boundless mental and physical energy.

Queen Night Burner

$97.00 $39.00

Queen Intra Work is a BCAA formula that doesn’t give you a half-baked result. The perfect solution for post-workout muscle loss, muscle fiber damage, and soreness. Good for pre, during, and post workout sessions! For a leaner, toner Muscle. Formulated Especially for women’s muscle needs!


Dream Body        Academy

  • Unlimited Coaching And Support From World Class Coaches
  • Step By Step Fat Loss Videos Showing You How To Melt Fat Easily
  • Support & Accountability From Kaiserfit Women’s Community
  • Meal Plans and Workout Plans
  • Secret Unadvertised Bonuses That Will Amaze You
  • The EASIEST Transformation Of Your Life GUARANTEED
  • Received $5070 worth of FREE Bonuses


Copy of Forever fatloss

Forever Fat Loss

  • Keep your dream body forever
  • Renee’s 12 Week Transformation Plan ($149 Value FREE)
  • Rapid Fat Crush Diet ($99 Value FREE)
  • Holiday Fat Destroyer ($99 Value FREE)
  • Fasting Fat Loss Secrets ($99 Value FREE)


Meal Plan Masterclass

  • Specifically designed to match your journey to fat loss
  • Save you hundreds by creating your own meal plan
  • The perfect way to get control over your calorie intake
  • Delicious and Easy to make


1 On 1 Coaching

  • Step By Step Guidance From Coach Rita
  • Weekly Check Ins To Hold You Accountable
  • 100% Customized and Personalized Plans For Your MAXIMUM Results
  • Fitting In Your Lifestyle
  • Build The Body Of Your Dreams
  • The EASIEST Transformation Of Your Life GUARANTEED

$79.00 / month

Fat Loss Food Hacks

Get Access to all the Food and Eating Secrets I teach to my personal clients that allows them to eat like Queens while burning belly fat rapidly with ease. This journey will become so easy once you know these secrets. Never go hungry again…Never crave again and NEVER fall off your plan ever again! Only $19. Also, get 3 Incredible Recipe & Cookbooks if you order today to make sure you never run out of ideas on what to eat.



Goddess Body Blueprint

  • Sculpt Your Body To Perfection With Home Workouts Or Gym Workouts (The Choice Is Yours!)
  • 6 Toning Phases That Each Bring MORE Results As You Progress
  • ​Make More Progress Training 1 Day a Week than you ever have in your life training 5-6 days a week
  • ​Burn Fat 3 Times Faster OR MORE
  • Transform Your Fat Into Beautiful, Toned Rock Hard Muscle
  • ​Discover Secrets Hollywood Actresses Use To Get In Shape RAPIDLY
  • ​Build Your Dream Body EXACTLY How You Want (no matter what that looks like)
  • ​With Over $500 Worth Of FREE Bonus Gifts
  • ​And MUCH MUCH More!


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