Fat Loss Journey Jen's Transformation From Being Overweight to Being Fit and Sporty

Jen used to struggle every single day with her weight and self-image due to being the only woman in her family who was overweight…

Coming from an Asian background, she felt her family and culture expected her to look a certain way and she did not quite fit the mold, making Jen feel like the ‘Black Sheep’ of the family.

Initially, Jen started the program to make her family happy, but then realized she didn’t care about anyone’s opinion of her and decided to do this for herself.

Jen used the program to become the BEST version of herself not for anyone else…But because she wanted to love the woman looking back at her in the mirror!

How much weight did you lose?

“I think in my first week of the fat loss phase I dropped 4 pounds. After this, I consistently lost weight until I was 61 pounds lighter!”


Jen, what made you decide to go on this transformation journey?

“Waking up every morning and hating what I see in the mirror was my main reason I started this journey. Unlike most girls that I’ve talked about within this program, I didn’t really grow-up with issues with my weight. On the contrary, when I was younger I was actually very physically active with taekwondo.

After I quit Taekwondo due to some injuries, my weight gain was rapid. Being Asian, all my family members would eat the same amount of food as me and not gain any weight.

I always felt like I had been dealt the worst hand of the family. It’s so hard for me to be the only one in my family to have this issue. Every time we have family gatherings, the first thing that most of my relatives would notice was my weight!

“Jen you have gotten so big!”And when they would see my getting a second plate “You don’t need that honey, put it down!”. I felt so embarrassed and ashamed.

I would try to prove my family wrong and try a crash diet, but that would never work for me as I lost motivation quickly. One day I saw an old photo in my Facebook memories that REALLY reminded me of my life in my younger days where I felt so good about myself. I remembered how proud I would feel of my body and how well my clothes fit…And Just the confidence I had going to the beach in my bathing suit. That is what inspired me to go on this journey! “

Before working with us, what did you do to lose weight?

“Back when I was younger during my days as an athlete, there were months in our training period that we had to follow a very restricted diet so we can reach our target weight class. I remember how hard it was since we only drink water most of the time and are only allowed to eat twice a day with little servings of tasteless chicken or beef.

I also tried Paleo some time ago, but I didn’t know that it would only cause me some strange conditions since I started the diet. I was experiencing muscle cramps, weakness, joint pains, and back pain, and fatigue.

So I went to our family doctor and he diagnosed me with deficiencies in calcium and vitamin D, which are very critical to bone health.

Our doctor also said, since saturated fat and protein can be consumed far above recommended levels in paleo diet, I’m also increasing my risk of kidney damage and heart disease, and certain cancers.

Hearing all that, I immediately stopped! Good thing I got to meet Coach Rita soon after and she introduced me to the Kaiserfit Program.”

What was different when you started working with us?

“First and foremost, I just have to say…. I loved how I ate all the food that I love during my first month in the program. I honestly thought to myself “if all diets in the weight loss industry were like this, women like me that have a bad relationship with food can overcome anything and lose weight in no time!”.

It is such an amazing and flexible program! Plus the routine of exercises in this program is pretty easy to follow… As a former athlete that did numerous training before. I never thought that coach Shane’s approach would be this easy and produce such rapid results. If only I knew about this program a few years ago!”

Jen's Fat Loss Diet

🍽️ Cinnamon Crunch Cereal, almond milk and a protein shake,
🍵 A cup of tea,
🌿 And one capsule of Queen formula to promote whole day fat loss and energy boosts.
🍽️ Black Garlic, Sesame and Shitake Cod (I love my rice hehe)
🍤 With Shrimp Lettuce Wraps on the side.
🍽️ Roasted Cauliflower Pizza
🍎 1 piece of fruit
I would alternate my snacks to keep things exciting and different daily AS LONG as they were within my calories:
🍪 Healthy Oatmeal Cookies
🍽️ Baked Peaches
🍨 Skinny Cow Ice Cream
🍫 Quest Bar

“Just remember your reason why you started every time you feel like giving up, and I’m 100% sure you’ll be back on track!”

Jen’s Motivation

“Whenever I got demotivated and wanted to give up, I always looked at my pictures when I was still an active taekwondo athlete and I revisited the feelings of having that body.

It provided me more than enough motivation to move forward! Because I wanted nothing else in this world but to get my life back that was stolen from me by my layers of fat!”

Did you find yourself falling off the plan at all?

“In all honesty, did find myself falling off the plan a few times. There will always be plateaus that are so hard to conquer you just want to give up. But remember your reason why you started. Because no plateaus can stop anyone, as long as we have a precise goal of what we want!

Thankfully it was so easy to bounce back on the program because it is so easy to follow and results come very quickly in the fat loss phase so I broke through all plateaus and jumped back on the plan after a day off.”

Did you take in supplements to help you on this journey?

“Queen formula and Queen Burner…
Early in the morning, I  would take 1 capsule of queen formula to boost my energy during the day and because it stopped my cravings for fatty and oily food, I made it part of my morning routine to take it…

Before I go to bed, I also take a capsule of Queen night burner. I don’t know what’s the science behind it, but when I started gaining weight it’s hard for me to have a good night’s sleep.

So I would always wake up unmotivated and beaten up the next day… Coach Rita recommended me to take it, and oh my G! I was sleeping like a baby at night and I’m waking up full of energy with an elevated mood!”

Jen's Final Words

“This journey is gonna be easy if you WANT IT bad enough because this program takes all the guesswork out of it. If you get stuck, reach out to the coaches and the community and help are always there.

The kaiserfit community, the community managers, and the master coaches were there to support me all the way and they will be there for you too. And above all, this program is so easy to follow! Literally, everything we need to be successful in this journey is pretty much all there.

Just remember your reason why you started every time you feel like giving up, and I’m 100% sure you’ll be back on track! Good luck ;)”

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