“I’m full of energy and living life again! Not just a wife and mom! We all give up so much when we have children because life becomes about being a parent. Now I’m taking care of me!!”

“The Kaiserfit’s method of finding your metabolic calorie rate was something no other program offered! This is the most crucial part of losing weight.

 The Kaiserfit program sets you up for permanent success.”

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Well there is no restriction. I was able to eat food I LOVED and enjoyed every day and eat more than I thought possible on a diet. This journey was so easy I couldn’t believe it. I also followed a VERY easy training and exercise routine with you. I loved doing my easy exercises because they did not make me feel like my heart was going to come out of my chest.
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I was not a women who had to lose 10 pounds. I had to lose close to a 100 pounds. If I can do this and wear a bikini for the first time in my life…You can lose whatever amount of fat you need to.

If I didn’t go through Coach Shane’s training, I would still be on the hamster wheel looking for the magical diet or pill that would solve all my problems… But instead, I would still be obese and far away from my ideal body.

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The part that I like about the program is that I can eat anything and everything that I want for as long as I am staying within my calorie limit.

I am not deprived at all. Another different thing about it is I have added as much as 600 calories (100 calories each week) yet I’m losing weight AND inches.

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I knew this time I was in a different mindset. This program made me realize that it’s not a diet. It’s a way of life. Once I made up my mind to change they way I viewed things I knew this fitness program was going to work for me.


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“I honestly was breaking down and feeling overwhelmed before my sister’s wedding because I had no idea where to start or what to do when nothing worked for me. Lucky for me I saw Coach Shane’s post pop up on my Facebook feed. And the rest is history as they say!”

“Never give up, success will follow… Ladies, our journey to achieving our dream body is motivated by the things we’ve experienced in the past, but I encourage you not to dwell in the past but rather look towards the future… See yourself as your best self ever and strive to achieve that! Because I know that you can!!!”

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“My motivation comes from seeing the results of the program and the feeling I got when I  started hitting my goals. I realized that I am in control of my results and how I get there. Some days were definitely harder than others and it was difficult to stay on track, and that’s ok, I just kept looking forward and took it one day at a time.”

“Keep with the program, it works. You will have great days and you will have days where you struggle, never stop moving forward. It’s ok to have days where you are not on track, be kind to yourself and start again tomorrow, your patience and will power will persevere. Use the community of women along with the coaches to help keep you focused and motivated they are a fabulous resource and will help keep you on track.”

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“I started my journey with Kaiserfit on March 13th, 2020 and I have lost 14 pounds.”

This program was asking to fit anything I wanted to eat within my daily caloric intake, so I didn’t feel like I was cheating other than going a little over my calories.”

“Trust in the process. It takes time and patience and it will not happen overnight, but it definitely will work as long as you stick with the principles and keep daily logs and weekly weigh-ins.”

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“I started the program on March 3, 2020 and I have lost 35 lbs and 22 inches overall.”

“Yes, I take Queen Formula everyday… See, my main issue with my former program is the insatiable cravings every day. But with the help of Queen Formula as suggested by coach Rita, it took away my cravings when I started taking it. And it helps me burn fat even doing very little activity during the day.”

“Ladies, I know all the struggles of being overweight, and there’s no quick fix for it. I just want to let you know that there’s only one way from point A to point B. And that is to do the work! Baby steps… just start now! no excuses, no buts, no ifs, just start and you will see gradual improvements that will lead us to greater success!”

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“First and foremost, I just have to say…. I loved how I ate all the food that I love during my first month in the program. I honestly thought to myself “if all diets in the weight loss industry were like this, women like me that have a bad relationship with food can overcome anything and lose weight in no time!”. It is such an amazing and flexible program!

 Plus the routine of exercises in this program is pretty easy to follow… As a former athlete that did numerous training before. I never thought that coach Shane’s approach would be this easy and produce such rapid results. If only I knew about this program a few years ago!”

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When I started working with you I felt that I could still eat, even if it was a chocolate or something sweet and I didn’t have to feel bad because I still saw results, and that made me feel better about myself and more motivated to do this program.


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This program is literally the only program that has ever told me to NOT burn myself out in the gym and to eat MORE! I thought I was going to gain weight and honestly was expecting to lose money on another crappy program again but to my surprise my body quickly began dropping weight and I truly understood the damage I had done to my metabolism in the past and could not believe how simple this program was… seriously life changing.

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The education behind this system really taught me how awful we can be to our own bodies. We mess up our metabolism through all of these fad diets.

I loved how time was spent to educate me on how my body works and not just tell me how to do a program. Because let me tell you, I was so skeptical when they kept telling me to add calories.

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The biggest difference I noticed immediately was that there’s no scheme! Nothing sketchy, no starving, no avoiding certain foods for the rest of your life, no exotic secret weightloss herb. I felt like everything Coach Shane said was healthy and nutritionally sound.

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The eating plan I had was absolutely delicious The eating plan I had was absolutely delicious lol! I could have never imagined being able to eat as much good food as I did while continuing to lose fat every week.

I also loved how my changes to my diet were gradual. I still went out to eat at restaurants and I was able to get away with a lot. Only for my final 3 weeks of my diet did I have to cut back on things like burgers or pizza.

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